How To: Caber toss

Caber toss

Caber thrower Daniel McKim is dedicated to the sport of Caber Tossing. He takes us through the demanding process of this sport in this video tutorial.

Step 1. Stand with your legs more than shoulder width apart.
Step 2. Bend over with the Caber pressed firmly against your shoulder.
Step 3. Squeeze your palms against the base of the Caber.
Step 4. Pick the Caber up, making sure to keep it high and against your neck and shoulder. Make sure that you keep that Caber high and tight!
Step 5. Start your run. Always remember that the heavier the Caber is, the faster you will have to run.
Step 6. Make your run, give a small jump, and throw strong up through your chin.

If you follow these steps, over time you too can become a championship Caber thrower like Daniel Mckim.

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