How To: Do hurdle walk overs

Do hurdle walk overs

Take a look at this demonstrational video and learn how to do hurdle walk overs which consist of a right knee drive, left knee drive, and full walk overs.
Focus on moving your legs fast and freely, using a big and fast arm action. This exercise is as much about arm technique as leg technique so make sure to remember this. Try placing white tape or arm bands around your wrists to you can easily see if you are driving you arms up to your eye level. Keep an upright body posture through out.
Make sure the five hurdles are 3 to 4 feet apart, waist height. Drive the right knee and step over the hurdle placing the foot straight down on the floor. Follow with the left using a hurdling trail leg action, again placing the foot straight down on the floor. Repeat as fast as possible for all 5 hurdles. This is one rep, perform 3 reps and move on to left knee knee drives. The technique is the same driving the left knee first, perform 3 reps and move onto full walk overs. For the full walk overs, step over each hurdle in one stride placing the foot straight down. All these exercises are good for your running action and hip mobility.

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