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How To : Caber toss

Caber thrower Daniel McKim is dedicated to the sport of Caber Tossing. He takes us through the demanding process of this sport in this video tutorial. Step 1. Stand with your legs more than shoulder width apart. Step 2. Bend over with the Caber pressed firmly against your sho ...more

How To : Lace running shoes

Have you ever wondered what to do with the top holes on your running shoes? Our host shows the best technique for providing ankle support with the lacing on your running shoes. With this simple lacing trick you can help to protect your ankles, and give yourself much better sup ...more

How To : Run faster by leaning

When you are running, going faster is the name of the game. In this video, learn how to lean the right way to speed up your pace. This tutorial will show you exactly how to lean at the ball of your feet to run more efficiently and faster. You will be winning your races in no t ...more

How To : Practice running drills on a track

These are great running drills by Lauren Fleshman! They're useful for runners both sprinters, hurdlers and long distance runners. She talks about body position, range of motion, posture and gait. The karaoke drill is a sideways drill. The high knee drill is to recreate the per ...more

How To : Do the Brazilian Twist

Take a look at this demonstrative video and learn how to execute an exercise that covers agility, balance and co-ordination. Be as quick as you can with the upper body when turning. Keep the legs neat with a high knee action and stay light on your feet bouncing on the ball of ...more

How To : Do plyometric training for the high jump

This how to video demonstrates a depth jump. The depth jump is a basic pylometric exercise useful for coaches and athletes of all jumping sports. With this exercise you jump higher and land properly in all your track and field jumping sports as well as basketball.

How To : Shot put

In this how-to video, James Cole will teach you how to properly throw a shot put. The shot put takes a lot of strength and a lot of force to throw it hard. Make sure to follow James' instuctions so you do not hurt yourself.

How To : Throw a discus

This how-to video gives the basics of throwing a discus. This takes form and balance to throw, so make sure to grip the discus properly, and throw it with all your might.

How To : Throw a discus

This how-to video is about "The Spin" or "Full Turn" of a discus. A discus is a hard object to master, but with enough practice, it should come easily to anyone.

How To : Run and jump over hurdles for track and field

Hurdlers are some of the least appreciated, most athletic people in the world. Hurdling does amazing things to the human body. If you're new to track and have been thinking of trying hurdles, watch this video for a general idea of how to run and jump the hurdles and ways you c ...more

How To : Train for the 400m Sprint

Learn how to train for the 400 meter sprint with expert tips and advice on Olympic races in this free exercise and fitness video series on training for the 400m sprint. Part 1 of 14 - How to Train for the 400m Sprint. Train for the 400m Sprint - Part 2 of 14. Click through to ...more

How To : Do hurdle walk overs

Take a look at this demonstrational video and learn how to do hurdle walk overs which consist of a right knee drive, left knee drive, and full walk overs. Focus on moving your legs fast and freely, using a big and fast arm action. This exercise is as much about arm technique a ...more

How To : Jump further in the long jump

Jade Johnson has risen from virtual obscurity to become Britain's number one long jumper. She domonstrates how to jump further. Make sure you warm up properly - it's vital to make sure you perform to your best and lower the risk of getting injured. Increase your run-up speed a ...more

How To : Sprint faster

Great Britain's Mark Lewis-Francis reveals what it takes to be a better sprinter. Key elements are the techniques in the blocks, and once you're off, make sure not to hunch your shoulders. Sprint faster. Click through to watch this video on co.uk

How To : Train for the 100m sprint

Learn how to train for the 100 meter sprint with expert tips and advice on Olympic races in this free training video series on running the 100m sprint.. Part 1 of 10 - How to Train for the 100m sprint. Train for the 100m sprint - Part 2 of 10. Click through to watch this video ...more

How To : Do a super crouch start

When you do a super crouch start, you should make sure that both of your feet are shoulder width apart. Your right foot should be out heel to heel and also your left foot should be in the back. Do a super crouch start. Click through to watch this video on curriculumbits.com

How To : Improve your javelin throw

Britain's only female javelin thrower in Athens shows you how to improve on your throwing. Keep the javelin horizontal on the run up, plant the final foot before the line and make sure the throwing arm is straight as possible with the elbow high. Improve your javelin throw. Cl ...more

How To : Instantly Jump Farther

Many people want to jump farther, but they have no progress. What's the problem? It's all about technique. Increase your jumping distance by following the simple tips pointed out in this video. You'll see how to push off and fully extend your body for maximum distance, see how ...more

How To : Run the 400m

Jeremy Wariner, the Olympic 400m champ gives his tips. This is essentially a long sprint. Stay focused at the start and block out the crowd and other athletes. Go out hard and look for the person in the lane in front. You'll be hurting at the end but work hard and think about ...more

How To : Do a parkour speed, kong, reverse, & lazy vault

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to parkour. Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one's path by adapting one's movements to the environment. This video focuses on vaulting. Viewers will learn a few of the key vaults in parkour ...more

How To : Train for the 200m sprint

Learn how to train for the 200 meter sprint with expert tips and advice on Olympic races in this free running video series on training the 200m sprint. Part 1 of 11 - How to Train for the 200m sprint. Train for the 200m sprint - Part 2 of 11. Click through to watch this video ...more

How To : Pole Vault like Mary Sauer

This how-to video teaches you how to pole vault like Mary Sauer. With help from this video, you should learn how to better you pole vaulting abilities. Pole vaulting can cause serious harm, if not death, so be careful.

How To : Warm up drills for track and field

This video clip series is here to help get you started on your way to gold. Our expert, Jabari Pride, is a world champion track and field athlete and he is here to show you how to get a leg up on your competition. No pun intended. He will show you a series of warm ups, stretch ...more

How To : Run the steeplechase

Jo Ankier is one of Britain's top steeplechasers, and she shows you her technique for this grueling race. The 3,000m steeplechase is seven-and-a-half laps of endurance running, with four hurdles and a water jump on every lap. There are three key areas to work on - Endurance, h ...more

How To : Pole Vault

In this how-to video, Bill Falk and Mark Srawderman will teach you to pole vault like a champion. This is a very hard sport to mater, and it requires a lot of time and dedication. Be careful with it, but have fun! Part 1 of 6 - How to Pole Vault. Part 2 of 6 - How to Pole Vau ...more

How To : Throw a discus

This how-to video give you information on how to grip the discus and spin it with your hand when throwing. The discus should comfortably towards the front of your hand.

How To : Run faster with training techniques

Whether you're in track, football, soccer, or a marathon runner, this HowTo video is sure to help you out. Learn how to use proper techniques for speed and acceleration so you can run faster. Increase your agility and coordination to accelerate your speed to the max with Coach ...more

How To : Shot put for distance

Heptathlete Denise Lewis shows you how to do one of her seven events, the shot put. Legs are crucial and it's all about transferring your weight. You need to twist your hips and your upper body strength will get that shot flying through the air. Shot put for distance. Click th ...more

How To : Execute an Olympic hammer throw

Scottish hammer throwing from a guy just barely figuring it out himself. This is a track and field event not common in high school but seen in the Olympics. This tutorial concentrates on good body position and safe use of muscle groups when rotating.

How To : Do knee and straight leg drives

Take a look at this demonstrational video and learn how to do kneel and straight leg drives. Using a lateral movement drive each knee lifting the foot over each hurdle. Going over all 5 hurdles and back again is one rep. Do 3 reps and move on to Straight Leg Drives. For the St ...more

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